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Hi, I'm Sam - welcome to my website!


As well as having a passion for photography and film, I have a background in flying various model aircraft too. This made for a very natural transition into flying drones. I'm able to shoot incredible cinematic aerial footage by myself that has previously required a dual operator setup.

I'm also experienced in flying the drone inside where GPS is often unavailable due to the metal used in the structure of some buildings. Recently I was the first person to fly a drone inside the Ministry of Sound club in London. Whilst the lack of GPS allows the drone to glide effortlessly through the air for the smoothest and most cinematic of shots, it does require an element of skill and experience that not all pilots are comfortable with. I love the challenge of capturing that impossible shot, flying through small gaps or in an enclosed space.

Finally, I maintain a 100% safety record since I obtained my BNUC-S qualification through Euro USC in 2015. I have a current PfCO (PFAW) license, public liability and personal indemnity insurance up to £2m which can be increased if necessary upon request.

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