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Bentley Magazine Dec' 2020

These aerial images were published in Bentley Magazine on a feature about the new Continental GT Number 9 Edition. Only 100 of these remarkable cars will ever be produced.

The shoot took place on the Laudale Estate in Scotland. All Images were edited by Sam Chick renowned automotive photographer. Click here to see all of the photos from the shoot!


332 MAGNETO_BRMV16_PT2_DJI_0038.jpg
332 MAGNETO_BRMV16_PT2_DJI_0013.jpg


This beautiful yacht also belonged to the owner of the estate and is available for charter through Burgess Yachts who are also a client of ours. The yacht is steeped in history and at one time was part of the fleet of the Nazi High Command.

Magneto Magazine

The images below are of a V16 BRM Continuation model fitted with a 16 cylinder 1.5 litre engine with a Rolls Royce supercharger in a top secret location somewhere in the UK. Beautiful car, stunning location! All images were graded / retouched again by Sam Chick.

332 MAGNETO_BRMV16_PT2_DJI_0009.jpg
332 MAGNETO_BRMV16_PT2_DJI_0039_edited.j
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