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Being a drone operator in London

Even being a CAA approved drone operator in London is not without it's problems. There are many places where flying a drone is not permitted due to not being to adhere to the 'drone code'. A distance of 30 meters must be kept when taking off, staying away from people, roads and buildings not under your control. This requirement is then increased to 50m once the aircraft is in flight. So when we were approached by a supercar experience company, to produce a promotional video to cover one of their events on an airfield in Yorkshire... we jumped at the chance! A real chance to 'stretch the legs' of the DJI inspire 2 exceeding it's official top speed of 100kph - by 6 whole kilometres per hour according to the airdata! I recorded multiple tracking shots of the cars racing away from the start line, with the fantastic zenmuse X5S camera and gimbal actively tracking each of the supercars down the track.

A combination of lenses were used throughout the day from 15mm - 45mm. We also used the Sony FS7 and even a GoPro mounted to the front of one of the cars, towards the end of the day.

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